“TOKYO Ainu”. Contributions needed to complete the documentary.

Director Hiroshi Moriya (森谷博) will give voice to the Ainu community living in Tokyo in his new documentary TOKYOアイヌ (“TOKYO Ainu”).
Thanks to this precious document, Ainu younger generations (as well as everybody else in the world who has ignored Ainu’s existence so far) will be able to know more about this people’s identity, tradition and the Tokyo community’s every day life.

“TOKYO Ainu” features the Ainu, an indigenous people of Japan, living in Greater Tokyo (Tokyo and its surrounding areas), who are active in promoting their traditional culture in a metropolitan environment away from their traditional homeland, Hokkaido. Shedding a common assumption that all Ainu live in Hokkaido, the film captures the feelings, thoughts and aspirations of Ainu that try to follow the Ainu way no matter where they live.

The documentary is scheduled to be completed by March 2010 but, as its production relies entirely on donations and private contributions, the “TOKYO Ainu” Film Production Committee started the distribution of individual or group cooperation vouchers that can be purchased online.

TOKYOアイヌ promotional video

Please refer to official website to read more about the “TOKYO Ainu” project.


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