Hawehe (lit. “voices, sounds” in the Ainu language) is a free media project, in the shape of a blog, that aims at introducing to non Japanese or Ainu speakers the many issues related to the Ainu minority.

Ainu, recognized as indigenous of Japan only in 2008, has its own long tradition as independent people living in the northern regions of the Japanese archipelago but centuries of Japanese domination and forced assimilation, as well as the lack of a written alphabet, have made very difficult the preservation of their tradition and identity.

Making a proper use of the internet, however, in our small way we would like to give a contribution and help to revitalize this culture that otherwise would be forgotten or erroneously considered as an appendix of the Japanese one.

In conclusion, our main purpose is to be a (critical) instrument able to amplify the many voices that in the recent times have made the Ainu reality more complex and fascinating.

If you have any suggestion or comment, please do not hesitate to email us at hawehe.av AT gmail.com.

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